Anglican Curmudgeon: House of Bishops Votes for Liturgical Anarchy

As most of you who pay attention to this kind of stuff probably already know, the Episcopal Church has voted to ratify the use of same-sex blessing rites. It is utterly heart-breaking and gut-wrenching to watch. A.S. Haley, aka The Anglican Curmudgeon, offers a succinct analysis of what TEC has done.

From the Curmudgeon’s blog:

And now to the important question: Why have our Bishops, the “keepers of our faith,” voted for liturgical anarchy?

Aye, and there’s the rub. Consider the following simple exercise in mathematics. (Or skip to the bottom line, if you don’t like math.)

As of 2011, there are 311.6 million people in the United States (Google it). Of these, 75.2%, or just about 234.3 million, are 18 years or older.

The latest and best estimate, based on five separate studies, is that there are just about 4 million adults in the United States who identify themselves as gay or lesbian. That number represents 1.7% of the adult population of 234.3 million.

According to the latest ECUSA statistics (2010), an average of just 657,831 attended Episcopal churches on Sunday. (That number will be some 40-50,000 less by now, but use it anyway, even though it also includes young persons under 18.)

If the percentage of gays and lesbians going to ECUSA Sunday services matches their percentage in the adult U.S. population, then there would be about 11,230 of them in church on Sundays. Of that number, available statistics show that approximately half are in some kind of relationship that has existed for more than four years, but only fifteen percent have been in relationships of twelve years or longer.

Say, of those longer-term, committed relationships, that every one of them who were both church-going Episcopalians wanted to have their unions “blessed” in a church ceremony. That’s 1,684 committed Episcopalians, or 842 potential pairs that are candidates for Episcopal blessings.

Eight hundred and forty-two couples. And for them, our Bishops sacrificed our Church’s traditions, its Book of Common Prayer, and its very integrity.

Maybe they did it for non-Episcopalian gay couples, too, in the forlorn belief that it would add to the number of Episcopalians. So call it 2,000 — call it 3,000; it does not matter. The number is minuscule, any way you slice it. The Church is losing ten times that many members every year.

And for them, our Bishops decided to lead our Church over the cliff, and let the rest of us be hanged.

Now do you see what they did today?

Read it all.

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